Lassen Technologies: Help yourself to Horizontal Rules

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Blue Horizontal Rule

Lassen Technologies

Here are some Horizontal Rules to enjoy!

Please do not interrupt the load of the images or they may not load. The frame around each graphic is not part of the graphic, but rather part of the fact that you can click on it to download it. Netscape users: click on the image and hold your mouse button down....when the menu appears, select Save This Image. When you click on the selection, it will download. To turn off the music, press the Esc Key.

Horizontal Rules

Red Bar Blue Bar Green Bar Sm Red Bar with stars Sm Purple Bar Sm Blue Bar Sm Red Bar Sm Blue Bar with stars Sm Yellow Bar Sm Green Bar Lg Green Bar Lg Yellow Bar Lg Blue Bar with stars Lg Red Bar Lg Blue Bar Lg Purple Bar Lg Red Bar with stars

Blue Horizontal Rule
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