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CHARCOAL MASKS by Sandra K. DenBraber, RN

100% Cotton mask with charcoal filter (coconut shell). The mask contours to the face with a soft metal nosepiece enclosed in the cotton for a comfortable fit over the nose. The contour shape allow easier breathing and talking. The elastic is 100% cotton thread - ties available upon request only for an additional charge. Organic cotton available for an additional $4.00 per mask due to higher cost of fabric and one extra wash with hydrogen peroxide. White or natural as well as colored masks are also available - call for colors. I also have seasonal prints available.

Allergic to cotton? Try a silk mask instead.

Charcoal a problem? I have lignite or bituminous charcoal available upon request or I can make the mask with extra cotton or silk filters instead of the charcoal. I also offer a 2 layer cotton filter to fit in the mask between you and the charcoal filter to decrease charcoal dust.

If you have a special request, please call.

Small (child)
Cotton mask only $18.00
Cotton mask only with ties $21.00
Cotton mask with charcoal filter $31.50
Cotton mask with Charcoal filter ties $34.50
Cotton mask with cotton filters $30.00
Cotton Mask with cotton filters ties $33.00
Replacement charcoal filter $13.50
2 layer cotton filter $3.00
Silk mask only $24.00
Silk mask with charcoal filter $37.50
Silk mask with silk filters $37.50
XL cotton mask with charcoal filter $33.50
XL silk mask with filter $39.50
XL charcoal filter $15.50
Additional charges
Organic cotton $4.00
Lignite or Bituminous Charcoal extra. $1.00
Nosepiece $3.00
Toggles (1 set on either ties or elastic, used to make either adjustable without tying) $1.00
Ties $3.00
Elastic for 1 mask $0.50


Charcoal is dusty by nature - washing is essential to help keep dust out of the masks, so it is recommended to wash the mask and fabric filters after each use. Do not wash charcoal filter.

No product is safe for everyone. If you are unsure, samples of materials are available for $2.50 (which covers shipping).

To place an order or for more information contact me at:

Sandra K. DenBraber, RN - 114 Ray Street, Arlington, TX 76010-2724

(817) 469- 9626- Fax: (817) 860-9299 - Email: (In Subject line please put: Masks)

Send check (must be drawn from U.S. bank in U.S. funds) or money orders (must be U.S. funds) only. Moneygrams accepted.
I do not accept credit cards or use Pay Pal.

I try to ship the same day the order arrives.

TX Residents add 8% tax

*Shipping add $4.50 (1st Class with Delivery confirmation)

*Priority Mail Add $6.50

*Insurance Add $1.65

*International shipping rates will vary

C.O.D. Available per Post Office Rates

Pricing Subject to change

Please be sure to include mailing address and phone number and email address.



Frequent Questions

Q. What do I wash the mask in?

A. A tolerable unscented soap, or baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide, use what you find tolerable. I air dry the mask. I do not wash the charcoal filter. If you must wash the filter you must heat dry in a low temp oven -150 degrees for ˝ hour minimum until dry. The reason I do not recommend is heat releases the chemicals in the charcoal, so unless well ventilated this can be a problem.

Q. How long does the charcoal last?

A. The coconut shell charcoal will hold up to 65% of its weight in chemicals but the sensitive usually does not tolerate that much. It will depend upon how sensitive you are, what you are exposed to, how you store the mask in between use,

Q. How do I decide size?

A. The small is a child’s size with no nosepiece, sometimes used by very petite adult. The medium is for a petite adult under 5'4". The large is for the average adult. X-large is for the bigger face and very tall. The elastic can be made longer or shorter if requested. I try to help with special sizing requests.

Q. How many layers of cotton in the mask?

A. There is one layer in the front and one layer in the back giving you a total of 2 layers cotton in the mask.

Q. How many layers of cotton in the filters of a cotton mask with cotton filters?

A. There are 2 - 4 layer cotton filters in a cotton mask with cotton filters.