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This entire listing is from the Chemical Injury Information Network's (CIIN) Environmental Directory. It only includes MCS listings - although they also have listings for Gulf War, CFS, children's health, foreign groups, etc.  Please visit the Chemical Injury Information Network (CIIN) site and support their efforts by becoming a member.
International, National, and State listings are included in that order.


Chemical Injury Information Network
PO Box 301
White Sulphur Springs, MT  59645
Voice: (406) 547-2255
Fax: (406) 547-2455
Executive Dir: Cynthia Wilson
Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Mtn) M-F
Area served: International
Type of  organization: 501(c)(3) support, advocacy for people with MCS and other chemical injuries
Services: medical, scientific, and government literature; physician and attorney referral; peer counseling; speakers bureau; web site chat room; Bi-annual MCS conferences
Magazine: Our Toxic Times (monthly)
Membership fees: Annual donation in any amount

Jeremiah Project, The
222 Soft Wind
Canyon Lake, TX  78133
Voice: (830) 935-4618
Contact: Rev. Linda Reinhardt
Area served: international
Type of organization: Christian support
Newsletter: I Am Jeremiah

National Center for Environmental Health Strategies
1100 Rural Ave
Voorhees, NJ  08043
Voice:  (856) 429-5358
Director: Mary Lamielle
Area served: International
Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm ET
Type of organization: 501(c)(3) fostering the development of creative to environmental health problems
Services: Speakers bureau, books, and other educational materials
Newsletter: The Delicate Balance (quarterly) [Last published in Jan. 1995]
Membership fee: $25 per year

Share, Care and Prayer, Inc.
PO Box  2080
Frazier Park, CA  93225
Fax: (805) 245-6614
Contact: Janet Dauble
Area served: International
Type of organization: Christian support for MCS, CFS, FM, and GWS
Services: Lending library, social directory, tapes, Circle of Prayer Day
Newsletter: Share,Care and Prayer (irregularly)
Membership fees: Donation


Gathering Hearts Ministry
2704 Comfort Hill Rd.
Wellsburg, NY  14894
Voice: (607) 271-0001
Contact: Rev. Gulie Molkenthin
Type of organization: Christian support
Newsletter: Footprints

Human Ecology Action League
PO Box 29629
Atlanta, GA  30359-0629
Voice: (404) 248-1898
Fax: (404) 248-0162
Newsletter: The Human Ecologist
Website: Natnl/index.html

Human Ecology Study Group, The
270 NE Randolph
Peoria, IL  61606
Voice: (309) 685-2437
President: Vilma Kinney
Voice: (309) 688-2059
Office hours: 10 am to 6 pm (cntrl)
Area served: National
Type of organization: Food and chemical sensitivities
Services: Meetings, support projects
Newsletter: The Human Ecology Study Group (quarterly)
Membership fees: $10

MCS: Health & Environment
PMB 162
2549 Waukegan Rd.
Bannockburn IL  60015
Voice: (837) 253-0142
Contact: Miriam Stein, Chair
Office hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Cntrl) M-F
Area served: National
Type of organization: support, education, advocacy, and collaboration
Services: Professional referrals, lending library, meetings, resource materials
Newsletter: CanaryNews (bi-monthly)
Membership fees: $20 per year.

National Coalition for the Chemically Injured
HC 63 Box 7190
Snowflake AZ  85937
Voice: (520) 536-7543
Contact: David Gilmartin

National Foundation for the Chemically Hypersensitive
4407 Swinson Rd.
Rhodes, MI  48652
Voice: (517) 689-6369
Contact: Fred Nelson
Services: Doctor referrals, Peer counseling
Membership fee: $20


HEAL of Southern Arizona
PO Box 36404
Tucson, AZ  85740
Voice: (520) 797-4585

Southwest Network for the Chemically Sensitive
PO Box 2172
Chino Valley, AZ  86323
Voice: (520) 636-1377
Contact: Elaine Sisler
Area served: Arizona & New Mexico
Services: Phone counseling, informational handouts
Membership fees: None


Environmental Health Assoc. of AR
2 Witness Tree Ln
Ferndale, AR  72122
Voice:  (501) 821-4422
Newsletter: Environmental Health
Contact: Leslie Barnes

Fairfield Bay Support Group
112 Hollybrook Rd.
Fairfield Bay, AR  72088-3614
Voice: (501) 884-3502
Contact: Mary Alice Beer
Office hours: 8 am to 6 pm
Area served: Arkansas
Type of organization: Resource Center
Services: Information, lending library, referrals
Membership fees: None


Environmental Health Association
1917 S. Bedford St.
Los Angeles, CA  90034
Voice: (310) 837-2048
Director: Anne Jackson
Type of organization: MCS and other environmental illnesses
Newsletter: Human Ecology Resources

Environmental Health Network of  CA
PO Box 1155
Larkspur, CA  94977
Voice mail: (415) 541-5075
Area served: California
Type of organization: MCS and other environmental illnesses
Newsletter: The New Reactor
Membership fees: $15 low income, $25 basic, and $50 professional

MCS, CFIDS, Fibromyalgia Information Network
4728 51st St.
San Diego, CA  92115-2025
Voice: (619) 287-7987
Contact: Kathleen Stremlau
Office Hours: 10 am to 4 pm
Area served: San Diego County
Services: Telephone referrals, MCS meetings every other month, Library services
Newsletter: MCS Newsbits (bi-monthly)

MCS contacts or un-named groups
580 Lincoln St
Santa Clara, CA  95050
Contact: Judianne Ganschow
2443 Portola Way
Sacramento, CA  95818
Contact: Janet Kovak

Morongo Basin HEAL
PO Box 613
Joshua Tree, CA  92252
Contact: Beatrice Roth
56654 Puite Trial
Yucca Valley, CA 92284
Contact: Connie Sachs


Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association
PO Box 611
Indian Hills, CO 80454
Voice: (303) 989-3572
Contact: Beth Newinski, President
Area Served: Colorado
Type of Organization: MCS non-profit support group
Services: Meetings, newsletter, library, speakers bureau, resource guide
Newsletter: Rocky Mountain Environmental Health Association (Bi-monthly)
Membership fees: $30/year


Ecological Health Organization
PO Box 0119
Hebron, CT  06248-0119
Voice/Fax: (860) 228-2693
Executive. Dir.: Elaine Tomko
Office hours: 10 am to 4 pm (ET)
Area served: Connecticut
Type of organization: MCS non-profit
Services: Meetings, speakers bureau, resource materials
Newsletter: The Echo (quarterly)
Website: home.html
Membership fees: $15 per year


Chemically Sensitive Activists of Tampa Bay
409 Westborough Ln.
Safety Harbor, FL  34695
Voice: (813) 726-2825
Contact: Mary Tranquillo, Ph.D.

Environmental Illness Association
PO Box 20517
Tallahassee, FL  32316-0517
Voice mail: (850) 878-0674
President: Christiane Tourtet
Newsletter: The Environmental Corner (infrequently)

West Coast EI/MCS Support Group
3617 Sun Eagle
Bradenton, FL  34210
Voice: (941) 756-1606
Contact: Alice Osherman


HEAL Atlanta Chapter
PO Box 28116
Atlanta, GA  30358
Contact: Marianne Sams
Newsletter: Healing News and Views


Environmental Illness Association of Hawaii
PO Box 11013
Honolulu, HI  96828
Voice: (808) 947-4174
Contact: Amy Arkoff
Office hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Area served: Hawaii
Type of organization: Self-help
Services: Information, referrals, leaflets
Membership fees: None, donations accepted


Environmental Health Association of Illinois
416 Kent Rd
Riverside, IL  60545


Central Indiana HEAL
5959 Bittersweet Rd.
Morgantown, IN  46160
Voice: (812) 988-4141
Contact: George Kyle
Area served: Central Indiana
Type of organization: Education, self-help Support group
Services: Networking
Newsletter: Central Indiana HEAL (bi-monthly)
Membership fees: $10 per year

Fort Wayne HEAL
2008 Hillside Ave
Ft. Wayne, IN  46805
Voice: (219) 422-1643
Contact: Julie Larson

Des Moines HEAL
6000 College Ave
Des Moines, IA  50322-6128
Contact: Wanda Ringgenberg


EI/MCS Support Group of Louisville
14005 Old Station Rd. #211
Louisville, KY  40245
Voice: (502) 239-9582
Email: or
Contact: Melva Smith
Newsletter: Louisville Friends of a Feather
Website: mcsinfo


HEAL of Louisiana
412 E Woodruff Dr
Baton Rouge, LA  70808
Voice: (504) 766-4277
Contact: Diane Hamilton


Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association
PO Box 24061
Arbutus, MD  21227
Voice: (410) 792-4875
Newsletter: Chemical Sensitivity Connection


Environmental Health Advocacy League
PO Box 425
Concord, MA  01742
Contact: Susan Clarke

Environmental Health Coalition of Western Massachusetts
PO Box 614
Leverett, MA  01054
Voice: (413) 253-2646
Contact: Peggy Wolff
Newsletter: The Messenger (quarterly)
Dues: $10-individual, $25-organization

Massachusetts Association for the Chemically Injured (MACI)
PO Box 754
Andover, MA  01810
Voice: (978) 681-5117
Fax: (978) 686-0745
Area served: Massachusetts
Type of organization: support group
Services: support group meetings, educational materials, referrals to professional, lending library
Newsletter: MACI Newsletter (quarterly)
Membership fees: $15 per year

MCS contacts or un-named group
97 Lucy Fiske Rd
Shelburne Falls, MA  01370
Dennis Anello or Jill Ullman


9402 Bunker Hill Dr.
Richland, MI  49083
Voice: (616) 629-4692
Contact: Eugenia Parker
Newsletter: C.E.A.S.E.

HEAL of Michiana
4451 Cleveland Ave
Stevensville, MI  49127
Contact: Mary Lynne Eisenbrandt

MCS/EI Support Group of Mid-MI
855 W Jefferson #1
Grand Ledge, MI  48837
Voice: (517) 627-8392
Contact: Jane Chemacki

MCS Friends
814 W. Main St.
Northville, MI  48167
Voice: (248) 349-4972
Contact: Margaret Barlow
Area served: Michigan & North Ohio
Type of organization: MCS support grp
Services: meetings, information
Newsletter: MCS Friends (4-6 times a yr)
Subscription fee: $10 per year


Chemical Injury Resource Association of Minnesota
PO Box 6085
Minneapolis, MN  55406-0085
Answering service: (651) 647-0944
Type of organization: 501(c)3 non-profit
Area served: Minnesota
Services: Meetings, Hotline, Educational programs
Newsletter: New Horizons (quarterly)
Membership fees: $15 Regular, $7 low-income.


Health & Wealth
PO Box 1705
Winnemucca, NV  89446
Contact: Sandra Echternkamp

New Hampshire

25 Issac Perkins Rd
Lyme, NH  03768
Contact: Carol Scelza

Merrimack Valley EI Support Group - HEAL and New England Suburban Center
27 E. Dunstable Rd
Nashua, NH  03060
Voice: (603) 888-3384
Contact: Alfred Bouchard
Newsletter: New England Suburban Center

MCS Support Group
PO Box 854
Union, NJ  07083
Voice: (908) 587-1189
Contact: Fran Reiter

New Mexico

Healthy Housing Coalition
14 Pine Loop
Cedar Crest, NM  87008-9449
Contact: Don Shapiro
Albuquerque area
Voice: (505) 281-1263
Contact: Patricia Kerr

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities Taskforce for New Mexico
PO Box 23079
Santa Fe, NM  87502
Voice: (505) 983-9208

New York

New York City HEAL
860 5
TH Ave #3M
New York, NY  10021
Voice: (212) 517-5937
Newsletter: NYC HEAL Newsletter (monthly)
President: Sandy Anello

Penn-York HEAL
31 Johnson Ave
Binghamton, NY  13905
Newsletter: Penn-York HEAL

Sensitive to a Toxic Enviornment
4 Hazel Ct
W Seneca, NY  14224
Voice: (716) 657-1164
Contact: Carol Kapuszcak
Newsletter: S.T.A.T.E.

North Carolina

North Carolina Chemical Injury
6442 Hwy 42
Bear Creek, NC 27202
Voice: (336) 581-3471
Contact: Earle Phillips


Chemical Sensitivity Awareness Chapter of NE Ohio
3489 Sandy Lake Rd.
Ravenna, OH  44266-8600
Voice: (330) 297-8741 or 724-1994
Contacts: Barbara Eaton or Sandy Hughes

MCS support group
427 Margaret Dr.
Fairborn, OH  45324
Voice: (513) 879-1466
Contact: Diana Jackson

Ohio Network for the Chemically Injured
PO Box 29290
Parma, OH  44129
Voice: (440) 845-1888
Chairperson: Toni Temple
Area served: Ohio
Services: Meetings, educational material


MCS/Porphyria Support Group
6728 SE Division
Portland, OR  97206
Voice: (503) 772-9714
Contact: Cynthia Miller
Services: Monthly meetings

Oregon Ecobuilding Network
PO Box 86444
Portland, OR  97286
Voice/Fax: (503) 760-2092
Contact: Roslyn Hamilton
Office hours: 10 am to 7 pm PT (M-F)
Area served: Portland, Vancouver, Salem
Type of organization: Support group
Services: Speakers bureau, peer networking, meetings, educational materials
Newsletter: (quarterly)
Subscription fees: $15.00 / year


Berk County Chemical Sensitivity Network
20 Ptarmigan Dr.
Reading, PA  19606-3354
Voice: (610) 779-6960
Contact: Beth Litvin
Office hours: 9 am to 7 pm
Area served: Berk County, Lehigh County, and SE Pennsylvania
Type of organization: support and referral network
Services: referrals, telephone networking
Newsletter: Berk County Chemical Sensitivity Network (quarterly)

Primary Health Network
2120 Likens Ln.
Farrell, PA  16121
Voice: (412) 347-1610
Contact: Lisa Landfried

Rhode Island

HELP Rhode Island, Inc.
and HEAL Rhode Island
PO Box 19516
Johnston, RI  02919
Voice: (401) 781-3877 or 861-0531
Contact: Rand Warren
Type of Organization MCS/EI
Services: Meetings
Membership fees: Donation


Chemically Sensitive Texans
5702 Cherry Creek Dr
Austin, TX  78745
Voice: (512) 892-0122
Contact: Gloria Arillano

Toxic Exposure Network
4018 Ramsgate
San Antonio, TX  78230
Voice: (210) 699-1064


Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association
see Maryland listing


Inland Empire Chemical Sensitivity Network
W 717 Cora
Spokane, WA  99205
Voice: (509) 326-0279
Contact: Dawn Brozovsky
Area served: E. Washington, N. Idaho, and W. Montana
Type of Organization: MCS networking facilitation
Services: giving out names of people within the area.

FM, CFS, MCS, and GWS Support Group of Skagit County
1600 William Way #201
Mount Vernon, WA 98274
Area served: Skagot County, WA
Contacts: Garrett Torrey (360) 424-8611, Sharlene Bartlow (360) 336-3037; and Carolyn Huberling (360) 856-0509.

MCS Support Group
670 Larson Rd.
Ellensburg, WA  98926
Voice: (509) 925-8252
Contact: Susan Lillquist

Northshore MCS Group
11518 E Lake Joy Rd NE
Carnation, WA  98014
Voice: (206) 788-7872
Contact: Beverly Watts

South King County MCS Group
Voice: (206) 941-5592
Contact: Carol Chenaur

Washington Environmental Sensitive
PO Box 232
Ashford, WA  98304
Contact: Kathleen Dowling-George

Whidbey Islandís Chemically Injured Network
PO Box 736
Clinton, WA  98236
Voice: (360) 579-2173
Contact: Lori Oneal


Madison area MCS Support Group
3817 Robin Hood Way
Madison, WI  53718-6245
Voice: (608) 837-4779
Contact: Kathy Ott
Area services: Madison area
Services: Monthly meetings and bulletin
Membership fee: SASE to receive the bulletin.

413 Critchell Terrace
Madison, WI  53711-1532
Voice: (608) 233-0298
Contact: Laura Ward


Albany County MCS Support Group
PO Box 3621
Laramie, WY  82071
Voice: (307) 742-0474
Contact: Betty Rasmussen

These listings have been gathered from various sources and are presented here with the intent to provide hard won information to anyone whom it may help. If you find that the names, phone numbers, addresses or such are out of date in any way, or you feel there is a significant change or addition which should be made to these resources, please be so kind as to email us at

Disclaimer: We do not endorse people, products or services. We do not give medical advice. What works for one person does not necessarily work for another. Please check with health-care professionals of your own choice. I am not a doctor and I do not give medical advice. The author is a chemically injured person who is extremely chemically sensitive (reactive) and who has just had a lot of personal experience in trying to survive chemical insults and toxic exposures.

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